Green Energy

NOE Group Of Companies diagnosed the potentials of the renewable energy sources sector and made its dynamic entrance well in time. As a result, today the Company owns for development and operation, PV parks of a total capacity of 21 MWp.


The Company

The Company owns for development and operation, PV parks of a total capacity of 21 MWp.

From this capacity of 21 MWp:

  • The 16.2 MWp concerns roof stations while the rest will be placed in plots of land.
  • The 9.6 MWp are placed (or will be placed) in property owned by the Group and the remaining in property of third parties with NOE taking responsibility for all the work necessary for the construction and operation of parks.
  • Contracts have already been signed for 12.6 MWp with the Hellenic Transmission System Operator (HTSO) ensuring a high price for the energy produced.
  • For 0.4 MWp there has been a connection with the network and
  • For 1 MWp, operations have been completed and connection is expected.
  • Finally for 2 MWp work is at an advanced stage of completion.

Noe Constructions


NOE CONSTRUCTIONS S.A, was established in the beginning of 1979 having as its basic aim the design, fabrication and erection of any kind of Steel structures.

NOE S.A. has been operating in the Middle East for several years and has also been in collaboration with important foreign companies, very experienced in the steel construction industry. As a result the company has the required experience for the organization, research and implementation of any kind of steel construction, including “turn Key” projects, Civil Engineer work and electromechanical installations.

NOE’s factory is situated in Aspropyrgos-Attiki and covers an area of 23.000 sq.meters, built on 54.000 sq.meters of land.

The factory is equipped with all the necessary light and heavy machinery, capable of producing more than 10,000 tons of finished steel products per annum.
NOE S.A. is among the leading steel products manufacturing companies in Greece and its name assures high quality steelwork and first class service.

The company processes the construction of heavy steel manufactures and has been certified with ISO 9001:2008.

Moreover, the company has been activated in logistics. Company owned warehouses, covering a total surface of 120.000 m2, have been rented to well established companies.

Furthermore, in the past few years, NOE SA has extended its activities in the field of the Photovoltaic systems, on roofs and on the ground, functioning not only as a constructor of such systems for its customers, but also as an owner and administrator of PV Parks.

Steel Construction

The company’s excellent mechanical equipment combined with the company’s vast experience along with the rendering of gratuitous services (such as the static study of the work, architectural patterns etc.) reassure the punctual and perfect completion of the works. Static consideration, through the programs R-STAB and SOFISTIK 23, as well as the design of the steel structure, through the automatic 3-D design STRUCAD program, constitute the first steps of the production process. The process is completed in the plant with the use of mechanical equipment that involves:
Cutting Machines
Lifting Means (Cranes)
CNC Automatic production unit (cutting and drilling) etc.

The advanced machinery used in the production process combined with the well-trained personnel ensure precision in every step of the construction, sandblasting, varnishing process etc.


NOE Logistics

The company is engaged in the manufacturing and rental of warehouses. The company manufactures fully equipped industrial facilities which are rented for storage purposes to major companies. The main projects developed are presented below:

  1. CEVA LOGISTICS – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 129.600m²
    Building’s Surface: 12.530m²
  2. Public Organizations of School Books – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 129.600m²
    Building’s Surface: 15.200m²
  3. KUEHNE + NAGEL – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 129.600m²
    Building’s Surface: 5.200m²
  4. Iron Mountain – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 11.850m²
    Building’s Surface: 4.400m²
  5. Diakinisi S.A. – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 52.485m²
    Building’s Surface: 22.212m²
  6. Diakinisi S.A. – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 11.096m²
    Building’s Surface: 4.430m²
  7. Diakinisi S.A. – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Building’s Surface: 28.430m²
  8. KUEHNE + NAGEL – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Building’s Surface: 15.630m²
  9. Yamaha – Aspropirgos, Greece
    Plot’s Surface: 129.600m²
    Building’s Surface: 15.100m²

The company is currently developing a 18,100 sqm shopping center with 365 underground parking spaces on Pireaus road, a major commercial area in the centre of Athens. The property is owned by NOE Logistics.