• The company’s excellent mechanical equipment


Our Company

NOE CONSTRUCTIONS S.A. was established in the beginning of 1979 having as its basic aim the design, fabrication and erection of any kind of Steel structures.

NOE S.A. has been operating in the Middle East for several years and has also been in collaboration with important foreign companies, very experienced in the steel construction industry. As a result the company has the required experience for the organization, research and implementation of any kind of steel construction, including “turn Key” projects, Civil Engineer work and electromechanical installations.NOE’s factory is situated in Aspropyrgos-Attiki and covers an area of 33.000 sq.meters, built on 54.000 sq.meters of land.The factory is equipped with all the necessary light and heavy machinery, capable of producing more than 10,000 tons of finished steel products per annum.NOE S.A. is among the leading steel products manufacturing companies in Greece and its name assures high quality steelwork and first class service.

The company processes the construction of heavy steel manufactures and has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 and the DIN EN 3834-2 welding of steel structure, pressure vessels, tanks and pipes.The company has been activated in logistics, having in its property warehouses of total surface of 160.000 m2, rented in well established companies.Furthermore, in the past few years, NOE SA has extended its activities in the field of the Photovoltaic systems, on roofs and on the ground, functioning not only as a constructor of such systems for its customers, but also as an owner and administrator of PV Parks.

Steel Construction

The company’s excellent mechanical equipment combined with the company’s vast experience along with the rendering of gratuitous services (such as the static study of the work, architectural patterns etc.) reassure the punctual and perfect completion of the works. Static consideration, through the programs R-STAB and SOFISTIK 23, as well as the design of the steel structure, through the automatic 3-D design STRUCAD and TEKLA program, constitute the first steps of the production process. The process is completed in the plant with the use of mechanical equipment that involves:

  • Cutting Machines
  • Presses
  • Ribs
  • Cranes
  • CNC Automatic production unit (cutting and drilling)
  • Automatic Shotbasting & Painting Machine (9 turbines) etc.

The machinery used in the production process combined with the well-trained personnel that uses them, ensure precision in every step of the construction, sandblasting, varnishing process etc.

Our Vision

Pioneers in our field
Our vision at NOE CONSTRUCTION SA is the continuous promotion of pioneering services in the construction market and the development of new business activities.

Our Mission

Provision of comprehensive solutions
The Company’s mission is to propose solutions, which fully satisfy the client’s needs. NOE CONSTRUCTIONS SA as a reliable partner does not exceed the deadlines agreed for its projects, while maintaining a high level of professional quality standards.

Our Philosophy

Turn key project
In NOE CONSTRUCTIONS we believe and invest in our people, by creating the best possible relations and conditions in the working environment. We implement ongoing training for our personnel in all aspects of design, planning and management of the construction projects.

Our plans and constructions are the result of modern and detailed designs, technical specifications and project quality programs. We define in advance the cost of construction and we make every effort not to exceed the cost we have agreed in our contract. We offer solutions, which significantly improve the operational and cost effectiveness of the project.

We stay informed of all the latest technological evolutions. Furthermore we constantly update and enrich the infrastructure which supports our design and production.

Our Objectives

Meeting the client’s needs

  • Full satisfaction of the client’s needs and maintenance of professional high quality standards.
  • Constant expansion of our projects into new areas and constant demand of more specialized skills.
  • Ongoing training of our personnel in all aspects of contemporary design and construction management.
  • Expansion of our construction activities into the housing field and use of real estate applications.
  • Penetration in the Balkan region.

Our company offers key-solutions (design, fabrication, erection) of steel buildings. A quick description of our production process follows.

Procurement of Raw Materials

Our suppliers for raw materials include all the major and reliable steel stock holders and steel traders. The quality of the supplied materials (S325, S275, S355) complies with the required specifications of each project and is according to EN ISO 10025-2, EN ISO 10204 and DIN EN 3834-2 Standards. The materials, when delivered to our site, are subjected to strict and thorough quality control (at least 10% of the delivered raw materials are controlled by using digital instrumentation for measuring hardness). The raw materials quality certificates, as given to us by our suppliers, are always stored in our records and can be given to our customers (upon request).