• NOE can prepare the relevant licensing studies in cooperation

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NOE can prepare the relevant licensing studies in cooperation with reliable associates and Consultancy Firms, and provide guidance for optimum cost and project management.NOE green power is specialized in building turn-key PV projects including system design, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance.We use and choose the best products on the market, fully certified.We provide complete after sales.

NOE offers full servicing and maintenance contracts over the life of the project:

  • Technical study and design of P/V installations
  • Supply of equipment
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Grid connection
  • Maintenance

The photovoltaic power plants manufactured by NOE, are in complete agreement, both in design and construction, with the current European standards and the current Greek law, which governs and settles the requirements of such facilities. For this reason we can provide the control and certification of Photovoltaic plants, which we construct, by the very demanding institution of AML.
The certification of the Photovoltaic plant by the AML – Accredited by ESYD ( Applied Mechanics Laboratory, University of Patras) consists of both the approval and the certification of the application study for each installation, as well as the inspection, measuring and testing the 100 % of each facility, according to European Standard EN 62446 and all its references.
This way, NOE ensures the the technical integrity and longevity of the projects and also the return of investment for each of its clients.


NOE green energy has the ability to provide products from the most well known companies in the market for a reliable PV park. (Including all certifications and guarantees)