• The company’s excellent mechanical equipment combined with the company’s

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The company’s excellent mechanical equipment combined with the company’s vast experience along with the rendering of gratuitous services (such as the static study of the work, architectural patterns etc.) reassure the punctual and perfect completion of the works. Static consideration, through the programs R-STAB and SOFISTIK 23, as well as the design of the steel structure, through the automatic 3-D design STRUCAD program, constitute the first steps of the production process. The process is completed in the plant with the use of mechanical equipment that involves:

The advanced machinery used in the production process combined with the well-trained personnel ensure precision in every step of the construction, sandblasting, varnishing process etc.

Industrialization – Production Process

After sorting out, the delivered raw materials need to be processed according to each project’s specifications, as follows:

  • Sawing & Drilling (Sawing & Drilling System)
  • Pre-Fabrication Shot blasting (Shot blasting Machine)
  • Assembling (welding of special components on profiles, etc.)
  • Coating (primer & top coating)

Quality Control
The Quality Control Department (LEVEL II Certification) is responsible for the quality control of the processed materials, according to the following tests:

  • Ultrasonic Testing, LEVEL II according to SNT-TC-1A (1996)
  • Visual Testing, LEVEL II according to ASNT
  • Magnetic Testing, LEVEL II according to ASNT
  • Hardness Testing (using digital instrumentation)
  • Inspection and Control of Parts Dimensions as well as Welding Thickness & Seam (on the welded components). All welding’s are performed according to EN ISO 5817, EN 287-1, EN ISO 15609-,1 EN ISO 15614-1 and DIN EN 3834-2 Standards, and all the inspections are performed by Certified Specialized Welders.
  • Inspection of Coating Thickness (using digital instrumentation).


1 FORMACH machine 2,5, C&Z GREECE C&Z 23,00
2 Cutting and paching machine KATENBACH KBS1001DG, ΚΔ 1015 VOORTAMN AUTOMATISERING BV-HOLLAND VB 1050 V630/1000M VN 36 62,58
3 Cutting and paching machine KATENBACH, KF 2506 GREECE Kronos PCMC 2512 33,60
4 Cutting and paching machine KATENBACH, KPS 306 VOORTAMN AUTOMATISERING BV-HOLLAND VPH 600 VPO 1000 VPS 2200 VHS 2400 21,45
5 Cambering machine STIERLI – BIEGER AG SWISS 3000 RP / CE 18,50
6 Machine for sheeting modulation 2mm GREECE ABUS 20,50
7 13 CRANES 2X8 ton GREECE ABUS 195 (13*15KW)
8 Cutting machine for energie panels FORMACH S.R.L. COPPO 44,90
9 Cutting machine 2,98
10 Machine for constructing steel-beams from plates 8,95
11 Straightening machine 5,22
12 Angles construction machine 11,18
13 Painting treatment machine of steel members 3*1,5*18m 270,00
14 Electrical weldings , 30 PLC 40,56
Machine sheeting modulation 0,5-1,0 mm 52,20
Latus machine 6,0 m 52,20
Punching machin HACO PPH 400 60 9,32
Punch scissors HB S22 STANKO 12,30
Scissors HACO TS Capacity 3050 8,94
Milling machine 3,73
Drilling machine 2,24
Lathe machine SN SOB TOS TRENCIN 5,22
Electrical weldings , 30 PCS ̶̶― 71,60
10Π Cranes 5 ,6.3 ,10 tons τεμ. 14 20,90
11Π Compressors PC 2 35HP 8,94
12Π Electrical cylinder HEISTEEL 11,18
13Π Pantograph MESSER CNC 1,64
14Π CNC machine 29,90
TOTAL 218,71 71,60